Chymorvah Vacancy

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Chymorvah House is looking for a dedicated volunteer keen to accept a challenge. We need help with and to quickly and eventually take over the running of the small seven bedroom, Bible-believing, Christian hotel in Marazion, Cornwall.

We are starting again from scratch and on a charitable basis so any applicant must be prepared to fundraise, and to oversee housekeeping, buying, correspondence, accounts, food preparation, personnel management and any other duties involved in the smooth running of Chymorvah.

Besides the regular work, retreats will be held here and invited preachers will speak at weekly evening meetings.

You can check us out at

If you think you may be called to take on such a challenge, please apply to the following:

Chymorvah House,
TR17 0DQ
[email protected]
Tel: 01736 710497
Mob: 07834552273

This may not be for you, but do you know of someone it may suit?

If so, please pass these details on.


p.s. A sense of humour is essential!



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