Marazion, Cornwall

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Our house, above the bay, retains some of the elegance of a hundred years ago without making our guests feel as though they are in a museum; for this was a family house and still is – family-run for families.

comfort has come before anything else.

Stay with us


Chymorvah retains much of its interior elegance and even once had a four-poster bed. You can experience sleeping here as Thomas Willis Field and his wife Sarah once did, for once again Chymorvah has a four-poster bed with real drapes that work!

our vision

Chymorvah House


Chymorvah has partly altered its approach in recent years. We have always offered opportunities to Christians for retreats, rest and recuperation, counseling, prayer and just simply listening; but that has changed in latter years.

our delicious menu

cooked fresh, for you


Mealtimes can be arranged to suit your particular needs, if necessary. Please consult with us any dietary requirements and we will be keen to fit in with your requests. Some of our vegetables and some of our fruit is raised in our own garden and under organic conditions. Our food is then home-cooked and AGA cooked to ensure real, tasty flavour arrives at your table.

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