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Chymorvah has altered completely its approach in recent years. We have always offered opportunities to Christians for retreats, rest and recuperation, counselling, prayer and just simply listening; but that has changed in latter years. Previously, because of financial responsibilities our main thrust in our business was to the wider world, with our concern for believers having to come afterward. Now we are concentrating on the well-being of these folk and the furtherance of the Gospel entirely. Our home is now only used for Christian activities which includes getting the Bible message to unbelievers as well. An example of this committed direction would be our new work with Christian Syrian refugees. Our earlier commitments and continuing still, would be our work with S.A.S.R.A. and their missionaries amongst the military. We have been used for retreats by these folk who themselves work every day with our armed forces.

So we continue to offer our home, exclusively now, for the purposes of retreats, meetings of church fellowship groups, `getting-to-know-you’ week-ends, counselling, prayer requests and an understanding ear. To assist us in this work, we have a programme of speakers who attend throughout the summer and speak on matters concerning the Christian faith.

Topics may include……….

* The Second Coming.
* Tithing
* Witnessing to my nearest and farthest.
* Dealing with church conflict.
* Does the Bible contradict itself?
* What will happen to the real me after I die?
* The work of the Holy Spirit.
* The honest facts about the Great Tribulation.

Are you dreading having to make a public stand for Christ?
We welcome anyone who understands that here at Chymorvah as far as we humanly can, we run our lives, our business and our home according to treasured Bible-held principles and expect our guests to respect that.

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